All-in-one cloud-based software to manage your Customer Booking Data. The salient features of the software - Customer Booking Data Management, Customer Master, Crew Master, Editor Master, Event Entry, Ceremony Entry, Printing the Booking Receipt, Ceremony Calendar, Customer Account Management, Crew Data and Account Management, Quotation Management, Editor Data and Account Management, Invoice Management, Profit and Loss Account of the Event, Expense and Income Account, Post Production Details, Various MIS Reports etc.

Customer Data Management
PhotoCorp is an online system to Manage Customer Data Management for Photo Studios.
Features are like:
Customer Master Creation
Crew and Editor Master Creation
Quotation to Customer
Events and Ceremonies Entry
Interaction with Customers and Crew through email, SMS, Whatsapp, etc
Booking Calendars and Booking Receipts

Pre and Post Production Data Management
PhotoCorp is a cloud-based CRM system, that can help Photo Studios to maintain their Pre-Production Preference as well as Post Production Data Post Production Preference Management, like
Album Type
Media Print
Cover Type
Photo Print Size etc
Post Production Data Management
You can maintain the details related with post production data, such as:
Event wise File Details
Ceremony wise File Storage
Due Date of the work
Reminders to Crew or Editors on their work
Ratings and Review of the Crew Members and Editors

Customer Account Management
PhotoCorp is a cloud-based CRM System that can maintain Customer Account Management for Photo Studios
Features are like:
Customer Account Management
Crew Data and Account Management
Quotation Management
Editor Data and Account Management
Invoice Management
Profit and Loss Account of the Event
Expense and Income Account